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Nice guys.

I talked to a sheet metal distributer, maybe 15 minutes ago. He was so very helpful. willing to speak with me in person about what size I might need, and willing to actually cut the sheet for me to the sizes I need. I was so pleasantly suprised. Usually, as soon as the distributers learn that you're not a bulk-buying contractor, they will treat you like shit. I completely expected to get that, and he treated me quite the opposite. I'm going to buy from him, whatever his price. Nice guys should get rewarded (or " There's still something to be said for courteous behavior") . I bought some stuff at Home Depot. That place is completely like one of the seven heavens for me. I could easily and without afterthought spend 10,000 dollars there. I could do so much with carte blanche there. Of course, after I buy the stuff, it ends up not getting used. Not this time, I'm installing that hose keeper and digging in those crabgrass plants, damnit.

We cleaned out our analytical lab today. Some NASTY shit under those hoods. NASTY. Spent 20 mins cleaning off crusty hot plates. Oh well. Better for the next guys. Hope I get my lab deposit back..
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