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Je suis trop content.... quelquechose tres mauvais va se passer, je pense..

The classes today were exactly what I thought they would be: introductions. The biochemistry class looks easy as a raver on acid -- at least for me it does. I heard a few groans when they got the syllabus : protein sorting?! nooo. Ha! Looks like it's time for me to ruin the curve..

Got my interim keycard.. got my picture from a week ago on it.. wow, I look sorta big. big good, not big bad. My steenking goatee is lopsided or something. I keep seeing it lopsided in pictures. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, i'd like to know.. I can't even grow hair correctly, I guess. But here's the GREAT BEAUTIFUL REFULGENT EBULLIENT part: they sell Windows OS disks in the student bookstore .... I bought win XP PRO for $10!!!! ten fricking bucks! It retails for about $150, I think. I also bought OFFICE XP PRO for about 30.00. Holy crap... I just hope I can get my printer to work under XP..

I registered my bike with the decidedly inept UTMB police department. It took about 30 minutes, because they can't tie their shoes without a committee action. I did feel more than a bit weirded out having 12 cops sitting all around me staring at me like I just stole the bike, though.

I can go to the Field House now, though.!! I think I'm too happy for it to be a monday... my karma'll be kicking in probably within about 3 hours.... we'll see..
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