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Class tomorrow..

I lost my nametag! I think I'll be needing it to get to class until I can get my keycard. Damnit. Now I'll have to try to get my keycard _before_ class starts. I hope I can get in the building to get it. Damnit.

I went to the grocery store today and bought $100 worth of stuff.. I've been needing it. I bought some new beers, too, and I'll try them out sometime to see if they're any good.

I ordered some memory from crucial last night, 512Mb, only $150. Not the best price, but it's a decent price, and I trust that company. And, free Fedex 2nd day air, too! I sure hope this helps get my programs to run faster. I'm running lower and lower on memory.

Class starts tomorrow at 9! Got my recorder, books, and notebooks. We'll see what the class is like. Probably won't be much, since it's the first class. I've got my test-out test tuesday.. I really shoulda been studying for it more. But I just don't really think I'll test out anyway, so I'm not putting that much into it.

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