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The strand

I went to the campus to pick up my interim keycard, and realized that there was nobody there. and, of course, you need a keycard to get into the building to pick up your keycard.

I drove around looking for the only comicbook store on the island, and it isn't there! damn, I have scoured that street, but it isn't there. I was hoping to find a place to hang out and stop buying them online.. oh, well.

I was filling up gas at the ghetto Citgo and some crackhead came up to me and asked to 'borrow' a quarter.. I said, 'mmm... no, sorry'. and she told me god wouldn't bless me for lying! Damn. All that hard work, shot to shit, I guess. Well, the pressure's off now -- no point in being good anymore. My first sin? Onanism, all the way, baby!

My digital recorder was sitting on my doorstep at about 2pm today! I couldn't believe that the USPS got it there so soon! It rocks, too.

I drove down to the strand to go walk around with the tourists and see the shops. I bought a bead necklace and matching bracelet, and some incense. Some kiddo behind the counter came to talk to me about my tattoo and handed me a condom 'business card' for a tat parlor nearby. I couldn't even count the number of band patches he had on his mtv shirt. He asked me if I needed help finding a band shirt; I was tempted to tell him ' ricky martin' just to see if he'd say _something_ positive about him just to humor me. But no, I just turned and walked out.

I did find the local head shop, and I did find the LOCAL BLUES BAR!!!! rock. I was tempted to go down there tonight, but maybe next week. I'm tired. They have a jam tomorrow. maybe I'll go and listen then. If I can get my guitar up here and practice some, I could even join in.

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