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I got back from the thing today, then went into my bedroom, and promptly laid sideways and passed out hard. woke up for jeopardy, then passed out hard again. Woke up at 7ish, passed out harder, and finally woke up at 8 something, with a migraine. Best remedy for that, of course, is to huff volatile aromatic hydrocarbons -- so I put another layer of stain on my table. I'm getting entropically cluttered again... gotta clean house.

Damn.. my head still hurts. I'm having another one of those 3 month long constant headaches. What the hell is causing them? I just forget I have them... until I realize I'm going berzerk. Aspirin doesn't help anymore, either. damn. Damn you.

I've gotta sign up for my employee health insurance and dental/vision/etc. blah.

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