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Why you say you wanna stop when you really wanna go!

I went and bought a bookcase at circuit city. big one. weighs as much as I do, and it wasn't easy to carry up from the truck, since it's about 7 feet tall. The reason I went there, for the digital recorder... they were out, as well as every other circuit city in houston. I guess I'll try BR.. damn. Well, I also got another german tutor software. The one I had wasn't setup for WinME, I guess. Hope this one's better. I'm teaching myself German, btw. I aim to be at the very least trilingual. Bilingual ain't good enough for this skunk.

I shaved my hair short, but I can't get the back to cut right. I can never get the clippers to cut the back. Maybe they're dull. I shaved almost all of my goatee off too. it's set at a #1 clipper depth, which is about 3 days growth for me. I really look fatter without a goatee.. ugh. Hey, more motivation to starve!

Roach update.. didn't see any today. I went to the supermarket and bought a can of RAID and a big can of BENGAL with a loong aiming tip, and some RAID roach motels for large roaches. I said war and I meant it. Bastards! Your asses are mine!

Running downhill without any guns
Everyone going, including the sons

Is the light green or is it red?
It makes no difference, you're alread dead!

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