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What's the scariest thing you remember? I don't remember very well. I think, when I came to and found myself choking my sister at the dinner table when I was 16; I finally knew for sure that I was my father's son.

What's the happiest thing you remember? I remember the house my family owned, in the woods, where all my extended family would come and meet and we'd all be together and we were all happy. Maybe 17 years ago.

What's the saddest thing you remember? When I broke up with my girlfriend once, she lost it and freaked out, and started crying out the name we'd decided would be the name of our firstborn. I still get wounded by that now and again, and the name is like a deep down splinter over my heart area - I don't push on it because it hurts too much.

Why would a person hate you? I would imagine it would be because I have opinions that aren't shared by too many people. I can think of hundreds of reasons not to like me, but not too many reasons to hate me.

Why would a person love you? I dunno. I'm a loyal-type. I take a beating pretty well, too - ask my ex.
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