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My truck of 11+ years is starting to show its age, sadly.. Not too too long ago I started having weird vibrations coming through the steering wheel as I drove, which scared the bejeesus out of me that my wheels were going to fall off every time I got on I-95. I took it to the shop and they told me that my rear brakes had locked up and were just riding the discs constantly. They wanted a thousand to replace them and to replace my oxygen sensors, which apparently have gone tits-up as well. I told them that the truck wasn't worth that much as it sat, so it wasn't worth it. I was going to just clamp off the brake lines and remove the brakes entirely, but I guess I just wore through the calipers or something, b/c the vibrations have stopped :) Although there's no way in hell I'll pass another VEIP emissions test in this thing, and my registration got revoked b/c the police never registered my completed repair order. So.... I'm going to buy a new car this year.

And no more pickup truck for me. I'm not too keen on schlepping my friend's stuff around for them at 15mpg (at best). I will sort of miss not worrying about how closely I part to the assholes who park next to the parking-space lines, or how quickly I back into brick walls, though.. Oh well. I need a car that doesn't scream 'hillbilly' and assault my wallet every week when I get gas :(

I'm thinking either I'll get a tiny car like the new Scion iQ or perhaps a small hatchback (in the 14-17k range). Something with 30+MPG would be beautiful for my poor wages. I still have BB and plan to start riding her in a month or so, but at some point I'll get the state after me for the truck so I wanna just trade it in for the $500 they'll give me or donate it.

In old news, I hit up the replacement-con for New Year's Furry Ball over new years w/ my friend, and boy oh boy did that suck. 3 days we stayed in that hotel... and we spent all of about 20 minutes in the actual con-space. Hopefully next year the NYFB will be back. I'm leaving tomorrow for Furry Weekend Atlant to stay with some friends and help throw a party. I've never been to FWA but I hear good things about it. I'm planning to skip Anthrocon this year (omg rly?), which will break my 11-year streak for that con. But frankly AC just isn't that fun anymore, at least for me, to justify the cost and lying to my boss about skipping 2 days of work. Instead I'll be at FWA.... and Midwest FurFest this November! That is, if I can still afford it by then.

PS I really don't post here very often anymore, but I do post quite a lot on Twitter - find me there or on FurAffinity if you like :)
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