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General updates

I may be moving in the next few months to a different domicile in the same Greater Balto area. I was worried about being evicted recently due to landlords changing their breed restrictions list, but they grandfathered me in apparently. But I may still move since I'm a bit tired paying this much rent for a 1-bedroom apt and driving a full hour each way to work. If I move, I may be looking for a room-mate to split rent with.. I haven't really decided yet since it'd almost definitely involve lease-breaking fees and moving fees as well, which would pay off if I were splitting rent but not so much if I weren't. I've about had my fill of Columbia, though, after 4+ years here.

I was called in for a very unexpected job interview the other day, and I may or may not be getting a new job very soon. I don't know if it's still on the table or not, and I don't know what kind of jeopardy it would put the publications I'm trying to push out the door either.. but it'd be an increase in pay and probably other nice things as well. Also it'd be in a completely different area of research than I've been doing so far, so I dunno. I still have to wait and see it it falls through or comes together before I worry too much about it.

I'm still planning to go to FurFright in a few weeks, and Playa Del Fuego the week before that..which means less than two weeks from now.. I'm filling in as the camp chef, so I need to buy some food to bring up there and come up with the costs for it all (and if I'm lucky, get donations from campers).

Last weekend was a charity fursuiting event for the MS society, which was rather fun (although very small in population). I don't get to fursuit enough! Although I will be suiting at PDF and FF.

Looks like I won't be going home for Thanksgiving this year either, especially if I end up moving. I'm broke as a joke right now and can't afford the time or the tickets. I'll be back down there for Xmas anyway, a month later.

I post mostly on Twatter nowadays instead of LJ, but I'll still keep posting here from time to time, since I wasted money on a permanent account here :)
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