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Hey guys, I got a room reservation for Anthrocon again, and don't need it because I'll just be rooming with FJ Cougar in his room reservation (because he's actually smart enough to reserve early enough to get a 2 Queen bed reservation). I, of course, was too late for that and got a 1-King bed reservation. So, like last year, I'm trying to get rid of mine. The reservation is at the Coveted Westin, which despite being coveted charges an entire night's deposit immediately.

Anyway, it's a reservation from Thursday until Sunday, 1 King bed, Westin (main) hotel. They haven't done the "fursuiter floor" thing in years but if you arrive early, you'll probably get a low floor. If you're interested, please let me know, I'll put your name on the reservation and you'll be able to check in without me being there. I can't remember if they reverse the charge on my card when you check in or not, so if they don't, I'll need to be paid back for the first night. Otherwise, whatever whatever!