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I tend to be on and off with New Year's resolutions. I like to be specific, because specific things are falsifiable and you know where you stand. I have a few this coming year.

1) I'm going to return, recycle, or throw out most of my unnecessary books. I have hundreds of books that I pretend I'll read or finish reading, or reread -- but that won't happen and it's essentially hoarding useful information and wasting storage space.

2) I'm going to reduce my wardrobe. I have far too many clothes here, work shirts that don't flatter me, jeans that don't fit and are cut for youth which I don't possess, jackets I never wear and swordfighting gear I will not use presently. It all will be donated or returned to the house. I have never once been able to wash all my dirty clothes due to the sheer volume of them, and that is absurd.

3) I'm going to try to find the time to have some surgical procedures done that should've been done years ago. I have health insurance that I have never once used in 3 years, and my body cries out for repair. I only need to find the time off of work for recovery. This might have to wait until next year, although hopefully by then I'll have another job where time off is a possibility.....(pretty please with bacon on top)

4) I'm going to stop being the 'last guy to leave the party'. People are going to be seeing less of me, and so they'll appreciate the time they do spend with me a bit more. I enjoy the company of my friends, but I have essentially no free time, and I feel that I'm becoming too ubiquitous.

5) Yea yea I'm going to lose weight and get in shape. That's just bullshit and even I'm not so self-deluded to pretend that I'll actually do it. But I will be decreasing the amount of hair I carry around, on my head, on my body, and on my face. All I hear from people, both family and friends, is offhanded comments about how ugly people with a lot of hair are. I get it, I get it. Consider it gone (or mostly so, anyway). For a guy who loves to play with razors, I sure do find ways to keep hairy...but I'm going to scruff down this year, if only for an experiment.

I'm looking at a few choices also for buying things, hobby-wise:

For photography, which I've gotten back into this past year (to a degree anyway, mostly portrait and still-life things, instead of the action & wildlife genres I truly enjoy most), I received a new lens for Xmas, a Nikon 55-200 f4-5.6. Unfortunately I made a mistake in the note on my list and didn't put the "VR" in there, and I don't want a lens this slow and this long w/o VR on it. So I'm returning it, but for maybe 100 dollars more I could get the 55-300 lens. I haven't decided if I really need a 300 lens, and especially since for about the same amount I could get the 200 and a new SB-400 flash (my SB-24 is just not doing it for my D70, and I'd rather use it as a slave on my new lightstand anyway.

For Snowboarding, I sold the farm and bought all new gear, since all my old stuff was built for 12-20 year-old me, and in BR. But now that I'm going skiing around 1-3 times per week, I need to buy a board instead of renting one for about $50 per. I just haven't decided the camber and length yet. I'm just going to close my eyes and throw a dart if I can't rationally decide soon, though, at those rental prices.

Anyway, this draft's been sitting in my browser for a week now and I might as well post it. It's informative, if not technically...upbeat :)

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