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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

It's Xmas time again, so if you know me you know that I will be unhappy roundabout now. I don't make a fuss about things but I get particularly depressed around this time of year and usually I like to just be alone so that I don't mess up anyone's Zen, especially if they're having a good time. I hate everything about Xmas except for the actual morning of it, when I can sit down in the living room of my mother's house with her and my sister and her husband and we just open a few gifts and are happy. And then we go visit the grandparents and eat a little and be happy. And then I go to the bar to see my friends and drink. I hate buying Xmas gifts, and have really started to hate receiving them lately too. I have pretty much weaned all my family off of giving me birthday presents, because I hate birthdays..but Xmas is Xmas and unlike my birthday, it's more than just me who gets a say in it. I waited too late to really get anything for anyone as well, so I suppose I'll be shopping like everyone else the next few days. I have to fly back to BTR on the 24th and back on the 28th. Anyway, Merry Xmas.

I bought a season pass to Liberty mountain snow-skiing resort this year and went snowboarding the other day. I haven't been on a snowboard since around 2001 so I was quite bad at it, as I expected. I damaged my ulnar nerve right at the medial epicondyle and I thought I may've broken my coccyx but as it turns out, I think I just ripped a section of sub-q fat away from my skin. It was painful and reminded me that I shouldn't be so proud of myself.

Winter is coming again up here, and it's always cold now. I hate the cold. I also don't like to bitch like an adolescent about things that don't change, so I won't post again until I have something upbeat to say. I hope everyone has a good rest of the year and feels happy. Maybe we'll get lucky and get another snowpocalypse so that the plowdrivers can make some money and I can play with my snow-shovel a little bit. That would really make me smile.
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