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FurFright 2010 (late because I'm lazy)

I really enjoyed FurFright this year.

I spent a great deal of time on my costume this year - that is to say, the costume which was worn by my costume. You might know of my "Boss Otter" fursuit, which I love and everyone seems to dig, but I went a step in the "War Dogs" theme of the convention to make Boss into "General Otter S. Patton" for the con. I ordered some WWII military uniform pieces, and originally tried to make it super-authentic..until I found out how much that stuff costs and how hard it is to get. So..I improvised a bit (a lot). He still looks pretty good, even if I took some creative license with him. I even had some WWII dog-tags made that say "Patton, Otter S", and hung one over my Boss Otter conbadge. I think I got a million pictures of him during the parade. Here's a couple :

In the upper-right I'm chatting w/ Kellogg Collie. I like this pic, it's interesting :)

I also brought my TwoStripes (skunk) suit, which I wore on Saturday after I finally peeled myself out of those enormous jack-boots (takes like 15 minutes to put those things on) and cavalry pants, and busted a move at the dance with some friends for awhile, putting my cooling vest to the test (oh how I love you, cooling vest). I also brought my Shorty Corgi suit, which I put on Friday night and hung around with some new friends. The new hotel was nice, only 4 floors tall so the elevators aren't a big choking-point :) We didn't get a nice view of the central pool area, but no problems there. I actually didn't really do much programming this con, almost 100% just derping about with friends.

I got a spiffy pair of oversized teefs made out of dental acrylic by a nice artist named "D", which are the better to bite you with! I ended up wearing them even in my fursuits, just because they looked and fit so well.

This con grew a great deal from last year and isn't quite as 'small'-feeling as last time, but still, not too bad. The biggest downside is that it was more difficult to keep track of where everyone was, especially since I don't like having to always check my phone when I'm out of the room.

Definite plans to go back next year, I had fun last year and different but still good fun this year.

And much thanks to FJ Cougar aka AA Hyena for being an easy-going roomie/driver, and to room 485 (Vignette Hyena/Agriwulf/Ferian Gazella) for being hard-chargers, and letting me crash in their room Friday.

Next year I'll own at least one or two more fursuits, since I've already thought of a new costume idea, so I'll have to rethink how many suits I want to bring with me to that con, since it's relatively short. We'll see.
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