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Halloween Party and Boo at the Zoo 2010

Saturday, I was invited to a party at Steve's house, a costume party. I really didn't have a costume ready to go, so with the help of Oryx I got my old swordfighting, motorcycle, and paintball gear together, and made a passable riot policeman. I lent my nicest renaissance costume to m4 to wear with his new hyena fursuit, along with my custom type XIV sword in matching custom scabbard w/belt (very swank) and had a bit of a time getting it on him, but that's the price you pay for all those laces on everything. Oryx wore a football uniform he just bought. The party was mostly older people we didn't really know, so we just talked mostly to each other all night. Still, it was fun.. I always like to dress up, no matter what it's as.

Yesterday I went to the Boo at the Zoo at the National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. with Drakien, Kellogg, m4fox, CarribeanJag, Loki, Scooter Squirrel, WhitePaw, Blueberry Badger, and Seiko (and maybe someone else?). Traffic was a bit heavy near the zoo as it was a big event. Many hundreds of people there, lots of kids in costumes. But only 5 good animal costumes - a squirrel, hyena, dragon, collie, and skunk. We walked the length of the zoo a few times, so we probably walked more than 3 miles in our suits all said and done, with no taking off the heads, only a brief rest to cram a bottle of water in there for a drink. We got absolutely mobbed the whole time with kids coming in for pictures every time we stopped for a second. We did a few poses at the little Halloween setups they had, and hopefully got some decent pictures for it. It was dark, so lots of flashes in our faces. I soaked my suit through and through, and it got DIRTY. Way dirtier than I thought it would. Those kids had some filthy hands, I guess. I put it all on driers overnight, but today I'm going to double-wash my body before FurFright. It was a blast though, I always love to do fursuiting with groups of people. Hope we do it again next year.

My boss is out of town until Friday this week, so I can leave work a bit early to get ready for FurFright, which I desperately need to do. These past few weeks have been insane.
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