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Playa del Fuego Fall 2010

I finally got back from PDF about 30 minutes ago, just in time to be a bit late for work. I booked it around 8 this morning, before anyone else in Camp Furry got up. I hate to bug out before I can help break up camp, but I really had no time.

Thursday night was rather mellow, and it took awhile to find my way there, and was quite worried since I didn't have my ticket. But Agri was working the door then, so he could call over M4 to hook me up. I set up my tent and was ready within 10 minutes due to the pop-up tent, and always packing rather light. It was low-key since only some of us were there, and I zonked probably before 2.

Friday I bugged out early for work and left around 3PM, but still didn't get there until about 8PM, due to going home to pick up the bike, and getting stuck in godAWFUL traffic across the bay bridge (Ocean City traffic, I guess). On a Harley, that is NOT FUN. Oh, my hands. Riding at night is also not something I love to do. But I had my big fursuit bag stuffed with 2 suits, strapped vertically just behind me, which I've always wanted to try (no problemo!), and my new full-face helmet and chaps really made the cool wind more tolerable. When I arrived, I pulled the bike down in there to drop off, and holy canoli was Camp Furry in full swing. To be SFW I won't describe the attire or lack thereof going on, but me in full biker leathers (which I look very nice in, tyvm) was a bit overdressed, but I fixed it. I haven't had so much sugar in months, from what I got just from the liqueurs we were shooting all night. It was a fucking HOOT. Fun times.

I woke up Saturday and puked up some colorful contents. I found out later that some random guy had slept in an inflatable mattress right next to my tent, and I damn near puked on him, but..his fault in my book. I planned to go to work that morning, but was too hungover. We chilled out in camp and just were mellow. Made a store run and chilled out until night, when we set up the camp bar. We had hundreds of Jaeger-bomb shotglasses, with vodka in the middle and apple cider-cinnamon on the outside, free for anyone who came by, and they were flying off the table for awhile. We set up some jugs of liquor-punch through tubing and into some stuffed animals, like they were peeing the mixed drinks. 2 flavors, both gone by the end of the night. We put on our suits and dozens of glow-sticks and EL wire and went to the big burn, which was impressive, if a bit difficult to see with a suit head on. Afterwards we suiters wandered around, jumping on trampolines and doing ice-luge shots and having a nice laid-back time.

Sunday night was quite mellow. I left early and rode my bike Southward to home (and accidentally got lost ending up in DC :( ) but after work I got the truck and made the Northward trip (to the turnpike), which was about the same time-wise but way easier. I got in maybe 5PM and we just chilled for a bit, and then set up the mini-pony we made (a scaled-up version of one of those balsa-wood puzzle animals, done about 3 feet high in 3/4" plywood) for burning. We had a few drinks and dinner, and then 3 of us put our suits on and headed over for the burns. Oryx and Drakien lit it on fire with some accelerant, and the crowd seemed to really like it. We had people coming up to our camp and to the sculpture pre-burn and taking lots of photos, and telling us how much they loved it. The vets Really loved it, even asked to commission us to make them a big puzzle-eagle for permanent display at the campground, which was nice. After the burn we went back to camp and drank more, and played porno-Guesstures until about 3 AM.

I really enjoyed riding my bike on those roads, but I think next year I'll keep with the truck just to save the headache. Also, go the north route. And bring more things.. Still, though, great times even as they were; Excellent for my mental health.


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Oct. 11th, 2010 09:39 pm (UTC)
They do it once on Columbus Day weekend and once in the spring, on Memorial Day weekend. I probably would've gone to spring this year but FA:U was that weekend. I'm not making that mistake again, FA:U was okay but not nearly as fun.

PDF is just a baby burning man but it's good times.
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