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I finally got packed up to go to Playa Del Fuego this week. I drove down there last night after work, and it took around 2.5 hours. Would've been easier but it was the first time I've driven in Delaware, and it was dark, and I was riding dirty. I bought a pop-up tent, which you just throw and it lands as a tent. Nice stuff. I had to wake up at 6:45 to get to work for 9:30, since my boss told me yesterday that he wanted to talk Friday morning instead of the usual Thursday....which sucks because I had to get up 4AM Thursday in expectation of getting it over with, allowing me to get to work around 10:30. Oh well. I'm going to try to sneak out of here around 4 to drive all the way back before dark. Also I need to get some food because I was Starving last night, eating a frozen burrito in my tent.

I'm going to sneak out of here and go home..and get my Harley. I want to make that ride while I can (farms and open road)..sweetness. To bad I still have to go to work again tomorrow morning.


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