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Finally I registered my bike this morning, after just missing the closing times due to so much work lately. I'm in the middle of trying to push 3 papers to completion right now. I just found out that there's a tag&title joint like half a mile from my apt, and it opens at 8:30, so I went right to it....but I had to park in another lot and walk 100 yds there, since this morning was back-to school at Howard CC and the traffic was insane. Only 250 bucks, no muss and no fuss. I'm gonna pick up the bike this week and park it back on my lot to save Cougar needless wear and tear on his Better Homes & Gardens-approved lawn.

A few weeks ago I went to do a charity thing with the Critters For A Cause group here in the Dirty B area. This is the group that wanted me to join and fill their token black (&white) skunk quota (affirmative action?). Anyway, we went out in the road near the bowling alley in costumes and solicited cash for the MDA as the cars stopped at the light. Noontime August sunlight on black synthetic fur zipped all the way up to your throat does not make for a frosty experience, but it was still fun. You can see some pictures of that event here.

I'm also going to be going to Playa del Fuego this year in October since it's really close to my work. I can camp there and go back & forth to work w/o having to go home first if I am lucky. We'll see.

Also I'm putting together a costume for FurFright (a costume to be worn by my fursuit -- Yo dawg we heard you like costumes so we put a costume in yo costume so you can sweat while you sweat). Yup a bit meta maybe but at the cost (prolly end up at 700 buckers but it's reusable) it better get a few smiles and photos. I'll post after FF.

Oh and in case I didn't post it before, I received another suit this past weekend:

It's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, made by JavaChicken. I used to own Cardigan Welsh Corgis growing up and this is as close as will likely ever be made to that. This suit is enormous due to internal padding. It's like walking around in a stuffed animal (well, moreso than with typical animal costumes, anyway). Very hot, but I'm also going to be looking to get a liquid cooling vest soon, since my air-cooling vest just ain't cutting it no more.

Also, the Louisiana Dept of Revenue recently screwed me out of $4000 in imaginary back-taxes, because they think I lived there in 2005 (when I was in TX) and I don't have any old bills to prove I lived somewhere else. It's been a rather expensive month for me.. maybe I should play the ponies or something..


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Aug. 30th, 2010 05:03 pm (UTC)
I'm always really impressed by suits that look like a specific breed of domestic dog (or cat, I suppose -- I tawt I taw a Siamese at one con), because there are things that have to be Gotten Right. You basically can't get a winged blue puppy from space totally wrong, because you're not working from a RL model. But the corgi suit seems to imitate proportion, etc. to the best extent possible.
Aug. 30th, 2010 08:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I agree. The butt is a touch big (seems like bigger than in these pictures), but Java's suits are a touch of caricature from pure realism, so I expected that. If I want to bring it back towards realistic I can remove a pad or two and it'll 'deflate' back down. I'm impressed by her suits not in small part because she's only made a handful and seems to have skipped the god-awful stutter-steps that a lot of makers seem to pass through necessarily.

I don't think I'll ever buy a suit of any creature that doesn't 'come from this dimension' though.. I just like animals a little more 'as such' than with all kind of hybridizing (moreso than them walking and talking, of course).
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 30th, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there's a pretty good photographer who's in the CFAC group, so there are several very nice shots of all the events, we are very lucky.

In those shots, I don't think they have all the pads in the suit. There are 2 sewn in in the lower legs, two more removable for the thighs, one big one for the butt, and one enormous one for the belly and chest. Also I think I'm quite a bit bigger than the person modeling in those shots above.. Although I might just be off, and it simply feels much bigger than it looks.
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