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Random facts

This is a catch-all entry containing 'random facts' which I found as a meme on FA a long time ago. They had only a few facts, but I'll be adding and adding here and there to eventually end up with many dozens. I'll be posting them on Tweener as their numbers are called out to me, and then I'll post them here as well. You could always check back to this entry if you like, and there will probably be more put up here.

(This is culled from a Google Doc, so the * is next to any entry I've posted already. It just copied over with the entries when I pulled them into LJ)

* 1. I have 3 tattoos and 0 piercings. I’ve had dozens and dozens of piercings over the years but they’re all gone now, just little scar-holes left.
* 4. I have only had 1 real job in my life, not counting working for fast-food and working where I went to school.
* 6. I used to collect knives and keychains, but I lost most of them or had them taken away over the years (boo). The only collections I got now are locked away so the cleaning ladies don’t find them.
* 10. I was a cheerleader in middle school. I still have the uniform and no, I don’t fit into it anymore!
* 13. I’ve been circumsized twice. (I guess they didn’t butcher me well enough the first time :( ) I have rather strong anti-circ views.
* 22. I used to host furry porno on my personal BBS in the mid-1990s. It was called “The Industrial Revolution”. I took it down b/c I couldn’t compete w/ internet furry porn.
* 24. I am really really fond of water.
* 37. It often seems like I don’t want to talk to people on IM because I never initiate IM conversations, only respond to them. In actuality I’m almost always hoping that one of my friends will start a conversation, even when I’m not really available (well, some more than others of course). I never initiate IM conversations because I’m very worried that I’ll be bothering them if I do, and one of my biggest fears in life is to be a bother.
* 40. If I have to be dry then the most relaxing scenario for me is to be in an intensely hot, dark room, with machinery running and very low overhead lighting, like a photography darkroom. I found out about darkrooms in college and I use one almost every day at work, and If I’m feeling very down or stressed at work I often sneak in to decompress.
* 41. I used to have plans that if I weren’t married by age 35, I’d adopt a kid. But I think that may not be the best scenario for me since I really hate young children and I don’t have a lot of free time. Oh well.
* 42. I have a pretty strong hatred of police officers because of how they treated me as a kid. I used to want to be one though, after finding out how much shit they get away with doing.
* 48. I used to be big into Celtic pride and kilt-wearing and all that shit, used to camp out at Celtic festival and do volunteer work, but eventually I got over it. I don’t care about that anymore (or any other kind of pride, actually).
* 49. I never got to meet my grandfather on my father’s side. He had bad ulcers and had dozens of surgeries to remove pieces of his stomach, and eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and blew his brains out while my grandmother was making dinner.
* 57. I really like blue-jeans, especially thick, dark denim ones with a boot cut, high seat, and narrow legs (i.e. biker jeans/cowboy jeans). I probably don’t look good in them but I do like to wear them.
* 66. I used to do a LOT of drunk driving in highschool and college, and grad school, so I used to practice walking a line with my eyes closed andsaying the alphabet backwards as quickly as I could, when I was drinking at home, in case I ever got asked to by a copper. Luckily I eventually quit driving drunk before I ever had to test myself out.
* 69. Of all my exes, I am only even remotely friendly with one (and it’s really just a pleasantries-based acquaintanceship anyway). Pretty sure the rest don’t like me too much.
* 72. I’m thinking of getting some plastic surgery in the next year or two if I can swing the time off of work. Liposuction for my beer-gut, and getting my deviated septum broken back into place.
* 96. I listen to about 5 podcasts regularly, and the rest of the time I’m at work I play music on headphones. I can’t tolerate being at work for more than a few minutes without something playing, preferably music.
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