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So last weekend I got help from FJAA CougYena to move my motorcycle out of my apartment, after several months of sitting there, crushing carpet pile and not even being fun to play on since I never put the seat back on it. At least it didn't leak. It took both of us to roll it out of the patio door and down the fire-lane onto my trailer. It almost crushed me, but only once.

Every time I transport that bike I lose another piece. I need a few new cotter pins this time and the strap-downs could use some loving too. But it arrived at Casa Coug fine and I replaced the battery (more than a hundred bucks thanks to it having a Bar and Shield printed on it), the plugs, the oil, and (unintentionally) the gear-lube. Hold on. Let me say that one again... Gear-Lube. Okay.

Anyway, I was completely expecting that the carb would have to come off and get the bowl de-varnished, but after a bit of coaxing, BB started up and almost had a heart-attack (the throttle is sticky). But I put the seat on and took her for a spin down and around the Marriotsville hills, and quickly found out that the brakes are rusty and rust doesn't stop bikes. Also I caught a mammoth-sized butterfly right in my eye going about 50, but only pussies blink.

We tarped it and stored it next to his garage until I can get it inspected, which will hopefully be this Thursday (and possibly today). Next step after the inspection is to go immediately to the tag&title place and get some plates.
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