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USB Bluetooth handset photo-review

So another thing I got in my order from ThinkGeek is one of those Bluetooth handsets that people can use on their cellphones, or computers I guess, for looking extra-dorky when making a phonecall. Personally I hate the way people look when using a modern cellphone handset, pressed up against their heads and giving themselves brain tumors a bad case of phone-ear. Anyway here's the review:

So here's what the box looks like. Nothing fancy but it would be perfect for mailing a bottle of beer to my friend! (Last time I did that the FBI opened it)

When you open it up, there's not much inside, as there shouldn't be.

Just the instruction card..

The phone handset...

And a USB to small-USB cable for charging the thing.

So here's what the handset looks like, basically like the old-style handsets your Grandmother has on her hobchest next to her VHS recording machine.

Front view of the handset.

P.S. I didn't mean to hold these things like I was masturbating, I guess I was just too excited to take these pictures!

And the best part is....BUBBLE WRAP! Oh yeahhhhh pop it! Squeeze it! POP ITTT! *pop*

P.S. I did mean to take that particular photo like that.

So there's a mini-USB slot on the bottom of the handset, just next to a button, which I assume is there to push when you want to receive a phone call.

And when you plug it into the USB, the blue light in the mouthpiece lights up. Maybe that's why they call it Bluetooth? The light turns your teeth blue when you're using it?

Well, shit, let's get on this horn and start doing some talking! Let's take a look at the instruction manual. Hm... first part says... Wait a minute.


Damn it...

DAMN it...



Okay, looks like I'll have to finish this review sometime later..
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