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Aug. 6th, 2010

So today my boss didn't show up for work, so I was able to pick up my packages from the UPS store, and (finally) drop off a couple of winter coats for dry-cleaning. When I dropped off the coats, they told me they only take cash (what?) and it'd be $30 to do one of my coats b/c it was suede, and it'll be 2 weeks to do it. Wow. It's 90 degrees right now, so screw it. I dropped it off. Also the fact that it's nothing but hispanic girls wearing tight tees and short-shorts like a Hooters in there certainly didn't sway my decision.

One of the packages I picked up was my new Tanker boots, part of my order from US Cavalry. They look okay but they are small. I can't even buckle the strap when it's in the belt-loops stitched to the back of the boot, so I just went au naturale until it stretches out. They're comfortable, but I wish they weren't so chiral. Chiral boots look a bit goofy to me. But I miss miss having a pair of combat boots on my feet. Until I switched to the cowboy boots when I moved to MD, I was using my Altara's IIRC, and once they're broken in....oh boy. But I ground those things to a pulp. These are shinier than I thought they'd be but..they won't be for long. I don't really do the 'costume jewelry' thing. If I buy something for some specific use, it generally ends up getting used for everything, even daily wear (if it's feasable) if it can take the abuse and it wouldn't be a bad idea. So I'm swapping out my tennis shoes for these boots for awhile until I break them in. Hopefully that will coincide with my bike being tip-top for riding and I'll be smiling.

I don't post on here so much as I used to, partially due to leading a boring life and partially due to me using my Twister account a bit more. I'm still going to be posting here though. In fact my next post will be in-depth and picture-heavy!


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