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Thoughts on cars

My truck is leaking oil lately, and (I think, I haven't checked it) also leaking cooling fluid. I can only assume that this is two gongs into a death knell for this truck. It's already 9 years old, and it's hard to be that angry about a domestic automobile lasting that long without any major repairs needed. I average my oil changes at approximately every 10 thousand miles (for realsies) and the last time I changed it, there was about one quart with the consistency of hot fudge coming out of it. I've only ever bought tires and shocks for it that I can remember. I've put something like 160K miles on it in 9 years, which seems VERY low to me, but it's long enough, I suppose.

I don't know if I should just ride this thing into the ground, since I'm convinced I won't get anything for it that would be worth even vacuuming it out for, or if I should flip it soon and get another car while I still have some money in the bank to put in as a down payment. I still don't know what I want to drive nowadays.. I keep vacillating:

1) Another full-sized pickup truck
+Used to it, Great towing&hauling for my gear, People get out of my way on the road
-Poor mileage, high cost, low back-seat comfort, hard to park, expensive to maintain

2) Older car (e.g. 1971 Buick Riviera, lol)
+I would love driving and maintaining a car like this and would actually go driving again, just for fun. Lower insurance (I think)
-Hard to find parts, Way less safe, Poor mileage

3) Newer foreign hatchback (e.g. 2-3 yr old Mazda 3/Toyota Matrix)
+Pretty, Good mileage, Newer tech/features, Easy to park, Super-reliable
-Way less towing/hauling, low-to-ground seating, pricey cost

4) Newer foreign boxy-car (e.g. Scion xB, that Cube thing, that Kia cube thing)
+Good mileage, more space inside, easy to park, reliable
-Uggggly, poor tow/haul, still a bit pricey, counts as a form of birth control

5) SUV
+high-profile seating, good tow/haul
-Shit mileage, rather ugly (except for the pricey ones), expensive to maintain

6) Just fix up my Harley and don't buy a car
+Wayyyyy less expensive, cheap to maintain, You feel like you're riding a 700lb chain-driven vibrator made of badass to work, Fun to ride (now), a dream to park, Gets you laid, man
-shit to ride in winter, way more dangerous, zero tow/haul, shit to ride in rain

7) Minivan
+Lots of cargo space w/ stow and go seating, lots of people room (as if I would use it), safe safe safe
-Pricy, not the greatest mileage, The salesman actually bends you over the hood and pinches your balls off with a burdizzo as soon as you sign the papers

8) No car, just use public transportation
+I guess overall it ends up costing less, no tickets, can actually read/watch TV on way to work, no crossing MLK twice a day
-FUUUUUCKKKK no, daily crazy section 8 seat-partner, I'm not as badass as Epic Beard Man, if I miss the last bus I have to sleep in the lab, and oh yeah, FUUUUUUCK no

So I haven't decided yet. I have the enormous benefit of having a friend nearby who knows cars so well, and because of that I'm absolutely doing this before I move away (whenever that is), but that's not soon, so I have a little bit of time to think on it.

If you people out in LJ-opolis have any opinions or thoughts on these choices, or other choices to add, I would be much obliged.
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