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Independence Day Party Weekend 2010

I had the most physically intense weekend in years this July 4th holiday.

Friday, I went to Oryx the gazelle's new house for a party. I saw some people I knew from before, and met a few rockin' people as well. Just a lot of good old-fashioned drinking and goofing off. Oryx didn't want anyone to cock up his new carped with shoes, so we were all in socks, which I usually feel weird doing, but after awhile it felt nice to hang out without shoes on. We had some Chinese non-takeout for dinner, which I was so ready to eat as I was starving.

Saturday I went to work for a bit and then back to his house to meet up and drive to...somewhere in MD I believe, in Oryx's ambulance, to do some paintballing. Oryx, Loki, Rocket, Jerry, Nitro, and I played something like 7-8 games over several hours in the driving heat. By the end of the day I counted 16 paintball-shaped welts all over my body, some of which were PERILOUSLY close to my no-no zone. Then we picked up a grill from Ferian's house and drove it back to set up, where Drakien graciously cooked up burgers and hotdogs, and we ate quite well, while drinking up good beer and tequila, and then Oryx set up his fancy projector on the side of his neighbor's house, and we watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure in an enormous private theater. It was so nice, out on the deck in the best weather I've seen in MD since I've been here.

The next day after work I met them, and a few others such as Abe and Aggri and SymeLion at the bowling alley in Columbia, and we did some FURSUIT BOWLING for a few hours. It was fun to do some fursuiting somewhere other than a convention. I wore my skunk suit, and thoroughly sucked at bowling, let me tell you. I ripped one of the claws out of my paws trying to fit my fingers into those tiny holes, but I'll fix it later. Luckily in the group there were people who knew how to help out suiters with things like water and walking and photos. We had our own room to dress out and chill in as well, very private and nice. Afterward we regrouped and carpooled back to Ferian's house to watch fireworks packed and professionally fired off by Jerry, who really knows his stuff. We all climbed up on the roof of the house and drank beers while watching the most spectacular and close-up fireworks show I've probably ever seen. It was surreal to see TV-grade fireworks being fired from 50 feet away and exploding right in front of you. I recorded some of it:

Today we drove up to ... some interesting place for breakfast and got stuffed with all kinds of food, and then took off for ..somewhere in MD, I think.. to an ice rink, and went ice-skating for maybe an hour or two. I haven't been skating, let alone ice-skating, in many years, so I wasn't so hot at it. But I was better than I thought I'd be, esp. since my quads were so pulled from the running and climbing from earlier. After that we got coffee and drove back and hung out at Oryx's for a few hours for some good old-fashioned internet-stalking of a long-forgotten child actor.

Good times. It's things like this that make living here in Murrland not as awful as it often seems to be.
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