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I was supposed to pick up Freya from Dogtopia yesterday morning before work, but I was just running too late to do it so I left her until today. Apparently either yesterday or the day before, she got into a fight with another dog and got bitten badly enough on the ear to need to be taken to a nearby veterinarian. Usually the people at Dogtopia are pretty good about letting me know if something's up but they didn't call or email me about it, so when I walked in the first thing they said to me is "did you get the message about Freya?", which I don't like to hear. The other dog is okay I think. They covered the vet costs, which is nice, because they had to shave her and gave her some antibiotics and pain pills, and some antiseptic wipes.

Freya doesn't usually fight with other dogs unless they start trying to dominate her too hard, but they said that the other dog definitely started it. She's super-friendly with other dogs and people, always wanting to play and run; she will go pretty instantly into 'kill-mode' if a dog or human attacks me, though. Freya has undergone a significant amount of fairly intense protection training, as I paid a lot of money some years ago to a guy who did a lot of Schutzhund /Mondio/French Ring/Police training with GSDs and Belgian Malinois. In addition, I used to do a lot of protection training myself with her, but the gear became increasingly expensive in light of her bad OFA x-rays eliminating my ability to breed her. So, I fixed her and cut way back on the dog training (although I still do some bite training and prey-drive drills with her on occasion).

My next dog, one day, may not be a GSD, although I really am fond of them, simply due to the difficulty of getting into an apartment with breed restrictions. The Belgian Malinois is a similar (if less attractive) breed which is excellent for protection training, and is rare enough not to appear on breed restriction lists. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, though. Anyway I may be dropping her off next weekend if the 4-day party I'm attending takes up too much of my time.
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