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Anthrocon 2010 and mini Applecon v. iPhone 4

So this last Thursday, the new iPhone came out, and as you may recall, my 3GS broke just a few days before that, and so I needed a new one. I had managed to somehow preregister early, even though the system was borked badly. I woke up at 4 AM Thurs morning, as is usual for me, and got some breakfast and my small bag out the door and to the Mall by 5:30, by which time there were already somewhere b/w 150-300 people there in line (I cannot estimate people for anything). We were waiting in the parking garage, which was even then beginning to get toasty. Shortly afterwards they let us queue inside with the A/C, and I was chatting with a few people behind me. That's what I enjoy about lining up for Apple things, it's like a mini Apple-con while you chat with people interested in computers and such, and you learn what they do with theirs and how they fix problems you've had, and blah blah. The 4 of us chatted for 5 hours in line as it SLOWLY snaked around the mall to the Mac store. There were some SERIOUS issues getting things activated, I think. Another good thing about doing the mini Apple-cons is that the stores always start wheeling around carts with water, juice, coffee, bagels, danishes, etc. for free to keep us happy. Around 10:30 they let us inside, and I got my new 32Gb iPhone 4 super-quickly, and my contacts ported over in a blink, no prob (I guess I was lucky). I was behind schedule to leave for AC so I booked it out of there asap to Cougar's house, where I loaded it all up and we took off for Pittsburgh..

This past weekend was Anthrocon, and as always, I went. This marks the 10th AC I've attended, no breaks in between. TEN years. It's so strange to think about it like that; I was 22 when I went to my first AC, at the Adams Mark in Philadelphia. I drove up from Baton Rouge in my pickup over two days and slept on the side of the road and when I got there I slept in the parking lot. I essentially didn't know anyone there, and didn't really have the best time. That changed a great deal the next year, when I flew instead of drove, stayed at the hotel instead of my truck, and met up with some people I knew from online (a.l.f.). From then on I had a great time every year, some years better than others..but always overall worth the trip. This year was no exception at all. I had a blast this year, met several interesting new people, partied well enough (and met a few awesome people at a party up in one of the suites), suited my butt off, and actually got art from the Dealers Den and the Artists' Alley (although I was technically just picking it up, not purchasing it..but still, way more artist support than in previous years). I really didn't do any more programming than I usually do, but I always do some. In fact, I donated some video game equipment to the VG room for the whole con since I figured they could use it.

I did less dancing than before, but I was so tired by the end of the days, it was hard to keep my energy up. I need to work on my endurance for sure. Also I didn't get to hang out with some people as much as I'd have liked to but time was a premium this year more than in the past, for whatever reasons. At least I did say howdy to most of the people I wanted to talk to.

I got to debut a new fursuit this year, which was shipped directly to the convention hotel. His name was "Selena" (since it was supposed to be female apparently, which I didn't even realize until after I bought it off of FurBid), but I don't do the crossdressing thing so since the suit is fairly gender-neutral I'm simply changing the name to...uh...haven't decided that yet, but at some point during the con we decided on a temporary nickname of "Broseidon, lord of the Brocean", which quickly became the meme of this year's con. I'll post some pictures when I can find it. This brings me up to THREE fursuits, which would've been a ridiculous concept in 2006 before I started doing the suiting thing.. but it's kind of like getting a tattoo in that people who get one usually start thinking about their second and third and soforth quickly afterwards.. or maybe that's just me? nah. Cougar has two and so we piled them up on my bed and made Fursuit Mountain, which was easy to get lost in:

We booked it around 2 or 3pm Sunday, as is usual, after attending a good panel by some fursuiting-based charity groups, one of which actually thinks I should join it (clearly they have run out of decent folks to join). The drive back was uneventful and then I wasted a few hours at work Sun night. As always I'll try to make note of the things I need to change logistically before the next con to make my experience more enjoyable.

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