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Sorry I don't post here very often lately. I started actually using my FA account for more than just following links on lulz, so now I actually check up on the account a few times per day and upload old (and new)commissions there.

I preordered my new iPhone the other day, after trying for about 6 hours. They really bonked on that rollout, from the AT&T site completely flatlining, to the Apple site being okay until it had to interface w/AT&T, it was a bit sad. I d/l'd the new Apple Store iPhone app, which lets you make reservations, and made my iPhone reservation on that. Since it doesn't sync w/AT&T it res'd the phone w/o any problem, but it didn't give me the $400 discount. But that was okay for a few hours until FINALLY the Apple site de-bonked and I could make the real discounted reservation. So I'm planning on going to the Apple store Thursday to pick up my reserved phone before I drive out to AC with El Cougo Negro, assuming they don't make the pre-reserved people wait in the Hoi Polloi line..


I've lately been trying to get a bit more fit than I have been. I signed up for the campus gym (again) and am actually going there now, 4 days per week, soon to be 5 when I can work it into my schedule. I'm only touching the machines at first, and then when I get some strength back into me, I'll quickly get back into the freeweights. I'll always use a few of the machines, since there aren't very easy ways of targeting certain muscles on barbells and soforth. THEN after I've gained back a modicum of endurance, I'll try to incorporate some cardio back into the mix. I tried that at first and my body said AWWW HELL NAWWW.

Also I'm eating lots and lots of fruits and salads. Blehh. At least it's "healthy", or healthier than the Bacon Bleu from Wendy's. Hopefully I'll be able to fit into my suits better at AC, which is in A WEEK, but anyway I suppose it's good to be healthy just for its own sake. I certainly enjoy the feeling of working out.

Here's what I made last night, it's technically a salad but there's some bacon in there too. Accepting a couple of strips of bacon is better than saying "salads are boring and bland" and detouring over to get 2 quarts of Pho and crunchy spring rolls, after all.

Salad from last night:

1 pre-packaged romaine heart (they come as packs of 3 from Eating Right, very convenient)
1 lemon
3 Tbsp EVOO
2 strip bacon
2 tsp fresh black pepper
.5 tsp salt
1 tbsp grated romano cheese
3 tbsp apple cider or red wine vinegar
1 tsp minced garlic
2 large eggs

Wash and drain the romaine, and cut it down the middle lengthwise almost to the bottom. Then trim 1.5 cm lengths off until you reach about 4cm from the stem, and discard the stem. Pile the rest into a big bowl, and heat the oil in a pan. Add the bacon and set to low heat, and after 2 minutes add the garlic and mix together for about 5-8 minutes until the garlic juuust gets nice and brown. meanwhile boil some salt-water and soft-boil two eggs, about 4 minutes, then put the eggs into cold water to halt cooking. When the bacon is pretty much cooked, remove and cut up with kitchen shears onto the salad. return the pan to high heat, add the vinegar and add the zest from the lemon, and deglaze for about 45 sec with a spatula, let it cool for a minute, and then pour about half of this onto the salad or off into a separate cup for adding later. Add the cheese, salt, and pepper to the salad and toss. At the end, peel the eggs gently under cold water and add to the salad ripped in half.
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