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My mother sent me an email last night trying to set me up with a nice girl who's the daughter of one of her friends and she's a doctor, don't you know, and she was just up there by me in JHU and now is working in Georgetown, isn't it a small world? Here's her email I'm just saying just gonna leave it here just in case.


First of all, what am I going to do, email some chick and say 'hey, my mom thought it'd be great if I emailed you and gave her a litter of grandbabies'? Honestly?

Second of all, I would never date an M.D. Never. I wouldn't subject a child to one-and-a-half parents, because it's actually not so fun.

Thirdly and whatever and whatever. I've already been awake for 9 hours. I plan on stopping by the gym today and seeing if I can force myself to move around.
Tags: family, rambling

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