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FA:U 2010

I went to Furaffinity: United this past weekend up in Mount Laurel, NJ with Cougar. This is the first con I arrived so late in the con schedule. It was a very laid-back sort of con, and really I think the term furmeet seems to apply about as much as convention, since it was so small. I dunno how many people were there, but my guess is between 350 and 400. There were about 75 fursuiters in the "parade", which was like 5 minutes long. They supposedly took a group photo, but as usual the people who take the official photos do a cock-up job of it. Hopefully some of the photos taken at the end will show up online.

Also I didn't even wear my skunk fursuit once during the con. I brought it, thanks to my enormous new bag, but I just didn't really feel like the ORDEAL of putting it on and wearing it. For those who don't do the fursuiting thing, basically you put on a layer of Underarmor or a diveskin over your drawers and socks, and then put on the fursuit body and zip it up, then put on the feet, then the head, then the hands as you walk out the door. For my suit, I have to do everything sitting on one butt cheek since my tail is too big to sit down. I have to put on the cooling vest and snake the switch down one sleeve. I have to put on an extra pair of spandex padded leggings, which don't fit me correctly, so I have to put a dozen tiny safety pins in them, then the body suit goes on halfway and I cinch up the belt a little, and then put 4-6 large safetypins on my legs to keep the leg-pads from wandering all around. Then I put on the feetpaws, then the skin-tight gloves, then the rest of the bodysuit, then try to zip it up with wads of batting surrounding my fingers. Then the head goes on, then the fannypack and conbadges. Then I have to spend a few minutes wiggling around to get the suit to be symmetrical and somewhat smooth...then I can go out. By the time I'm ready to go I am BEAT. That, and I'm pretty out of shape these days, so as you can imagine, it's less than optimal conditions for fun. I do enjoy it, but I always end up finding reasons to be lazy and avoid suiting in it, especially at AC, which is sweltering in some areas.

I took a chance earlier in the year and bought a partial fursuit, and just wore it during the con. I didn't have it commissioned as a custom job, I just saw an ad for it in an LJ comm and said 'fuck it'. My new suit is Boss Otter:

(pics by the maker, Tikky).

I'd never worn a partial before, and it was SO much less of a hassle. No padding, no pressure-cooker bodysuit, no scaffolding needed to support the tail (although I need to reinforce the loops a little), and the head is much smaller and lighter. The feet haven't been delivered yet so I just used my skunk feet. I wore a starched white Oxford shirt, one of my silk power-ties, and some suspenders I searched around town for just before the con, and a pair of chinos. I think I looked pretty boss. I hope there are a few good pictures.

There were so few suiters around, seems like 90% showed up only during the parade. Most were ones I hadn't seen before, or at least not noticed before. Cougar was psycho-suiting by himself Friday night, since I wasn't really in the mood but I did make up for it most of the day Saturday. Cougar and I got wasted on Sat night and suited around some, and I went to the dance for what must've been an hour, and danced myself way dehydrated so I was cramming ice-cubes in my face until I passed out on the bed.

I didn't really talk to many people at this con except for a few at the headless lounge. I chatted with John Barrett AKA Hossifer/Roxikat, who was a real nice dude, and talked more later at the zoo too. There was a bar in the Zoo, which was so awesome but ultimately such a bad idea. We were literally drinking beers, turning a 180, buying 2 more, 180, and repeat. It led to some.. rather uncouth behavior for the both of us, and I have to give the staff of FAU a lot of credit for not being thin-skinned, otherwise I think I would've been booted out of the con on my first time there :(

What else.. the concert by Matthew Ebel was good. The dealers room was really small, and I didn't buy anything as is usual. They did have a concession stand right next to the Zoo, which was convenient, and a waterpark next door, although I didn't bring my bathing suit. We booked it at like noon Sunday since there was almost zero programming the whole con, and we made it home in only a couple of hours. All said and done it was an okay con, not great, but not bad. I might go back next year, if I still live up here.
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