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india poppa alpha delta

I stood in line at the Columbia Apple store today at around 5:45, and there was a line set aside for the iPad-buyers, just like there was for the iPhone when I got that about 9 months ago. But I made it in the store in about 20 minutes or less, very much unlike when I waited for the iPhone. Apparently there was quite a line before 5, when it was available, but it dwindled down a great deal, obviously. I love how quickly things go through in the store lately, with the individual saleskids doing their iPhone POS units right there. I got a chance to play with the newer 13 inch Macbook pro (mmmmmmm) and the newer Macbook (shitty).

Then I bought a crapload of Teavana tea (shameless teaslut) and some 'Baltimore Fudge' (sounds like something you'd find in the alley behind my work) and a set of fancy Japanese chef knives and other kitchen crap. I pissed my sister off by calling her and telling her than I got an iPad but I hadn't even opened it, didn't really plan to for some time. hurr hurr. Actually I didn't even open it for awhile after I got in due to being lazy. But I eventually did, and I dig it fairly well, considering I can't sync all my photos and apps due to not being on my work computer. Tomorrow I suppose. other news, This is how all cupcakes should be consumed:

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