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I found this one on FA today and thought of CrinkleCat Mr. Cougar.

HAHA...oh, me.

I got another commission done which was nice, but I may wait to post it along with several others like I did last time. This isn't FA so you people don't need to be spammed with my commission arts.

I trimmed the sleeves of my suit an inch, and hopefully will have time to test out the results this weekend. I was quite nervous doing it but I think it needed to be done, as I have midget arms and the sleeves were creeping down onto my paws :( Hopefully not anymore though.

I met up with two people this past weekend, Oryx and Loki, who I think found me from the Fursuit Database (of all places) a couple of weeks ago and wanted to get together. Coug and I met Oryx for dinner and then met up with Loki to see "Kick Ass" at the mall theater. Those guys seem pretty cool, from what I got to see of them (which wasn't much as we were mostly sitting in the dark watching a movie instead of chitty chatting). Maybe I'll get the chance to hang out with them again instead of that Big Crinkly Motherfucker I always end up eating Vietnamese with (FFFFFFF!!!)

I thought that movie was a typical kids flick, but wow, it was pretty violent. Lots of people getting shot in the face and legs chopped off and jerking off into Kleenex.. probably not going to win any Nickelodeon awards but I really enjoyed it. Those guys also run a charity group called Critters for a Cause, which as I understand it is centered around several fursuiters meeting up at charity events for the purpose of being mascots and kind of adding some visual stimuli to the events. Sounds like a good thing, although I don't know if I have the free time to help out in any meaningful way. Do you people think I might be an altruist? Maybe..I didn't used to be but I might be a different person nowadays.
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