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Back to old protocols and up to old tricks

I've been meaning to post this for a little while. On the bulletin board at work there's a poster which must have been pinned up there for 20 years straight. It's an ad for the U Maryland computer network Gopher system. If you've been online for less than 15 years you probably haven't even heard of Gopher, but it was an early document retrieval system which is almost completely gone nowadays, going the way of FidoNet, supplanted by newer protocols and technologies. I used to use it around 1992 or 1993 because AOL had a Gopher portal available if you knew where to look for it. But it's a total blast from the past to see a flyer up for it, quite faded from years of fluorescent lighting. Hm...I wonder if I could still access the U Maryland Gopher?

I've been a right bastard on the road since I've gotten my plates and reg, chasing people down with their brights on, giving more fingers than a traveling Ginsu salesman, etc. It's nice not having to drive in fear of the fuzz.
Tags: nostalgia, pictures, truck

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