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now, it's ciao

I was looking through old receipt emails and found that I was paying too beaucoup for my domain regs and hosting, which btw I don't use for anything except hosting pictures (and can do pretty easily through photobucket/google/LJ/etc anyway. I still like the idea of domain hosting so I will be transferring my old twowhitestripes.com and its forwarded subdomains over from x7 (which I got shifted over to some months ago from CI host) to GoDaddy, which is a buttload cheaper. I already have a couple of domains hosted and reg'd over there anyway so I'll just roll them all as forwarded domains (a couple of them masked forwards) to my main site. Except instead of my main domain as twowhitestripes.com it'll be meph.it and my default email address may or may not be changing as well..I'll have to think about if I want to deal with that nonsense.

I ordered some fancy rechargeable batteries the other day along with a fancy charger so that I can keep my cooling vest powered during a con, and I'm eager to try it out. I still need mondo maintenance on my suit, such as washing it, de-gumming, trimming the sleeves, cleaning the head, and possibly repairing the feet a bit. And applying nail-polish (and dishing gossip with tha girls!) so that they actually show up as separate from the feet in photos. Also, I ordered one of those toddler-Iditarod webbing harnesses that idiot middle-class soccer-moms put on their kids so that they can drink Slim-Fast and chat with another Mommy at the minor expense of giving their kid a repressed S&M fetish (thanks a lot, mom!). I'm hoping to convert it into a very thin harness to wear under my suit and support the massive tail, which will allow me to loosen up on the belt and allow me to breathe without killing off 7 yards of colon.