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I pretty much finished assembling my new PC, which I've simply dubbed "black_box", a couple of nights ago, but I was too tired to install the OS. I did that last night with only minor difficulty, and holy crap was that quick compared to installing XP. Unfortunately when I ordered the PCIe x4 version of the wireless NIC I didn't realize that the two PCIex16 cards, when stacked side-by-side, being double-thickness covered the slot I wanted, and I couldn't install the wifi card, meaning I couldn't update/register/anything on the computer.

I'm going to buy a PCIe 1x NIC and see if I can wedge it in there with the mondo heat-pipe cooler for the north bridge. If THAT doesn't fit, I'm going to pull the damned cooler out and just glue a fan on top of it. I like Gigabyte but this mobo was definitely poorly planned out for space. I'll almost definitely be upgrading to a water-cooled system once everything's in place and I start overclocking, and when I do the space issue will be mostly resolved, since I'll be pulling fans out left and right. I'll post some pictures when I get the chance, as I'm sure you're so interested.

I'm bringing a USB bluetooth dongle home from work today and am going to try to use my iPhone to tether a wimpy connection to get my cards updated and such until I can reorder a PCIe 1x card which I still have room for. I think I'm going to have to eat that first card though, they probably won't take it back. This case is QUIET. I like it quite a bit but I don't know if I'm going to be able to use the HDMI connection to the TV, which spells an expensive monitor in my future if I can't figure this out.

In other news it looks like I may be able to find a way to get my truck through inspection, if I can find the right inspection place.. which I am going to try to do rather than buy a new car, if at all possible. The truck's got it's own issues, but they're issues I know about and I caused, frankly. I pay cheap insurance that I'd have to pay at least double for if I re-upped and I can sleep in the truck, fuck in the truck, shit in the truck, and when you and I fight over an on-ramp, I always win, because I'm bigger and I don't care if the paint gets fucked up.
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