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All bent out of shape

Last night I got pulled over by the Howard County police for a broken headlight, but got off with a warning. I was right shitin masel' since my registration was never completed, but the cop strangely wasn't interested in doing anything about it. But, it motivated me (even more than the actual tickets I received for it a few months back) to get masel' sorted oot.

So I snuck out of work after lunch today to go get another inspection on my truck, and I figured that since I passed the last one in October I should pass this time too after the headlight is replaced. HA HA FFFFF no. They tell me that my front shocks are leaking and need replacement, two of my tires need replacing, and that (get this) I need to have a rear cross-member replaced and possibly my frame pulled straight. This is due to running over a huge block of wood going 80 on I-45 in Texas. TWO YEARS before the first two inspections from THE SAME GARAGE, where they said nothing about my frame. I haven't hit anything bigger than a june bug since I moved here, but now it needs to be done. I can only imagine how much it would cost for a new crossmember and frame-pull.

This is the same garage btw which failed me on my first inspection due to a epoxied-in spiderweb which was behind the rear-view mirror, causing me to have to get a $250 windshield put in, and then making me pay again for the redo for being a few miles over the 1000 since the first one a couple of weeks before, and then lying to me about when they closed, causing me to walk like 2 miles up there and then 2 miles back and then SLEEP ON THE FLOOR AT MY LAB because I couldn't drive home. I only went there this time because I thought they wouldn't pull anything else out of their asses to show me. Fool me thrice I guess.

I think, based on the poor condition that this truck is in, and the lack of need for such a big hoss and it's formidable thirst for gasoline, and the high cost to get apparently necessary repairs done before I can stop ridin' dirty, it may be a better option to just buy a 'new' car.

I really, REALLY did not want to go through that right now. Especially since I just dropped a couple grand on a computer, and not in small part due to the fact that I have no time to be car shopping.

I find it funny, anecdotally, that ever since I became LJ-friends with skorzy that everything he does, I end up doing shortly after for largely independent reasons. I swear I don't want to be your mini-me! Also there's no way I am buying an SUV, I only want a car this time around.

Although for good news, I made another purchase recently that I think you'll be more interested in than my e-dork computer or a car, but I can't unwrap it until around my boifday so I'll maybe show you then.



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Mar. 19th, 2010 09:34 pm (UTC)
Ouch. You should get a little Yaris like mine! That'd be amusing to see you going around in *grin* Though, you can't really haul stuff. Maybe something like a nice toyota tacoma? They're hybrids and still nice trucks these days.
Mar. 19th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
Oh lordy no subcompacts for me, I need more room than that for my dog and my stuff. The current trend toward hatchbacks is probably my target class of cars, with the possibility of a station wagon if it measures up. I like driving a truck but the thing is, I am just getting tired of the downsides, such as the extra time it takes to find a suitable parking space, the low gas mileage, the increased cost of replacement parts, and the wide turning radius.

Not to mention that the more space I have, the more junk I will fill it with. Also no hybrids as I don't trust the tech yet and if I did get one, I would practically have to suck Cougar's dick to get him to help me fix it if it ever broke. He HATES hybrids and electric cars for some reason and doesn't want to work on them. He probably got raped by a Prius as a child or something.
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