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I finally pulled the trigger on the computer today. I was mulling it over getting that Alienware computer, but I really didn't want to drop 3 grand so flippantly when I knew I was spending a fair amount of it on brand power. So I spent several days looking at parts and sifting through forum after forum and review after review (as I used to do in grad school when I was building my comps) and settled on the following stuff, essentially all of which is at least a step or two up from the previous Alienware build:

Item List:

1 x ($104.99) WIN7 Home Premium 64-BIT for Sysem Builders
1 x ($31.99) LITE/ON DVD burner w/LightScribe
1 x ($24.99) Trendnet WLAN card a/b/g/n (I'm a little unsure about this brand but it's cheap)
1 x ($3.49) Antistatic wrist strap (I think I gave Wez Weasel my last one)
2 x ($5.39) Belkin 6-foot USB extensions (for my G35 headset and G500 wired mouse)
1 x ($69.99) Western Digital Caviar Green 750Gb 7500rpm (no RAID b/c I really don't think it'll help much)
1 x ($5.99) HDMI cable (my PSUs have DVI, DisplayPort, and HDMI out and my TV takes only HDMI (it has a VGA port but AW HELL NAW)
1 x ($7.99) bazillion-in-one Card reader (screw it it's only 8 bucks and I hate using a cable to d/l from my cameras)
2 x ($409.99) XFX Radeon HD5870-ZNFC (Crossfiring two 5870s instead of one 5970, should actually be better)
1 x ($29.99) Logitech wireless keyboard
1 x ($219.99) Corsair Dominator 3x2Gb 1600MHz (I'll have to OC the CPU just to be able to use these at 1600 sadly)
1 x ($294.99) Intel Core i7 930 (6 bucks more than the 920, eh it'll be above 3GHz when I'm done)
1 x ($349.99) Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 Mobo (I love Gigabyte, lots of little tweaking apps built in and lots of ports and such)
1 x ($169.99) Antec 1200W PSU (modular, I'd like to see if it's nice or what)
1 x ($159.99) Antec 1200 case (it's hueg liek XBOX and has no front bay cover like I wanted but it's got more fat-ass fans than Kirstey Alley and I approve this message)
1 x ($-35.00) DISCOUNT FOR COMBO #345255 (Newegg combos are always nice)
1 x ($-25.00) DISCOUNT FOR COMBO #353371
For a grand total of ~$2200, like 600-700 dollars less than from Dell and with much better parts.

No 24/7 tech support, but I figure I can handle that as I (will have) built the damned thing.

Also I've been playing Borderlands for a few days now and I really like it. I like the Road Warrior/Aliens-esque quasi-pulp magazine cell-shaded theme of the game. I also like the gore factor. I don't like that you're always having to practically pull out a calculator when you find a new item, since there are essentially unlimited specs for each item you find and buy (and brother, there are a LOT) which may or may not be best for you. There's an online co-op mode which looks promising as well.

Last night I went to the yearly Indian Student Assoc. Holi celebration, which was better than last year although I wish they'd gotten some more acts involved. Six bucks gets all-you-can-eat buffet of about 10 different Indian dishes and they had the Indian Student Assoc band which played the best cover of "Wind of Change" by Scorpions I've heard, to be honest.
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