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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

teacher's petulance

I am getting a liiiiiitle bit tired of getting up at 5 so I can get to work by 7 AM and do some last-minute immunohistochemistry for my meeting with my boss at 10, only to find out that he isn't meeting with me. Again, after doing the same thing last week. A couple of hours of extra sleep would've really hit the spot. And they still may if I can get an empty darkroom some time in the afternoon.

In other news I just attended a seminar by the chair of Biochem dept, a guy whose last 5 papers have been bread&butter background for a couple of my projects here. Excellent excellent histochemistry/fluorescence stuff. His results are tight and conclusive, which is both frightening and validating as they are the exact same results I've shown during the past year or so coming from another source, further convincing me that my source and his are likely to be quite as intertwined as I'd hoped.

In other other news I've been using a service called Aardvark, which is a crowdsourcing program for answering questions about, basically, everything and everything. I've answered several questions already on a range of topics from biology to bully dogs to Baltimore. I just 30 seconds ago helped a fellow in Iceland to painlessly end his own life. As they say, those who can't do, teach. I wonder if I shouldn't look for a process support gig in industry after all.
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