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And you can take that to the bank (but not actually use it)

I deposited a check into my Bank of America checking account via ATM on 2/25. I looked today online and found that there were two holds on the money, one for about 10% of the check, held until 3/4, and the other 90% held until 3/6. Nine days hold for a check on an account I've had for maybe two years? Sometimes I think I'm in Wonderland and so don't feel justified questioning the absurd, but that IS actually absurd, isn't it? Or is it just me? I feel like I should write a letter to the CEO asking him to give me a couple of reasons to keep my accounts at BofA open.

My sleep schedule has been getting more and more out of sorts for weeks lately, partially tue to playing video games after work, and partially due to my habit of drinking a lot of tea when I go finally get home at around 11 PM. This Saturday I went to work and did some expts, and then got on the 'fancy' computer to play some Team Fortress 2 at around 7pm or so, and was playing for 'a little while', and got a little tired. I turned around to check the time and found that it was 5 AM Sunday. Yikes.

I was going to go home and sleep, but I realized that doing that would just worsen everything. So I stayed at work until 8ish and then went to Bob Evans to have a sit-down breakfast for the first time since I was in BR for Xmas. I took a power nap and then went back to work. I didn't get to sleep until 2 AM last night, as is usual, but I got up today around 7:30 and feel pretty good, like I've reset my sleep schedule a bit.
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