Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Mistaken identity, misplaced affinity, and sweet, delicious Faygo

They finally posted the photoshoot pics from FurFright, which Cougar posted on his website, and already it has attracted to him a ... rather enthusiastic response (a response that apparently was supposed to be directed at me, but in this case I was happy to see him make a new friend. LOL).

In other but similarly funny news, some rather outgoing real-furry porn collector contacted a buddy of mine (I have so many friends whose internet-courtings provide me with good blog posts :3) and sent him some rather adult-natured pictures of another fursuiter, as some sort of..I dunno, token of friendship? My bud, who likes fursuits but doesn't like real-furry porn, emailed me and asked if I knew the person in the pix (because I know everyone, jeez), ..and actually I do know them.

I was going to anonymously IM or email the person whose pictures were being given out, to let them know, but my bud asked me not to mention his name or the guy who sent them to him so as not to be involved in any oh-so-unusual furry fandom drama, and due to that it's rather pointless to directly mention it as the victim would surely be pissed at me for not giving them any useful information. So I'm just mentioning it here, where they could read it and say to themselves, "oh man, I should really look at my friends (especially fox-friends) and ask them if they're passing out dirrrty pictures of me without my consent!".

And for your enjoyment, my very becoming bespectacled bespoke bedazzlers (bejesus!) -- I don't like ICP but Oh lordy I lol'd:

Tags: furry fandom, furry fandumb, pictures, video

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