Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

babyfur fur-pile caught on tape, news at 11

I've been trying to breed some heterozygous mice for some gene-dosage experiments, and one of the two breeding cages I set up finally produced a litter of mouse pups. Here is an iPhone video of the cage, something like 5 days old. Hopefully all except one or two will survive and I can do some work. I'll wean these mice in a few weeks. If I still owned snakes and I were unscrupulous I'd take a few of these home with me for pet food.

I don't make many videos anymore, I suppose I should get back to doing that from time to time. I have been told I have wonderful use of the Z-axis, which is something I think a man can only hear a few times in his life without it impelling him through the cinematographic glass ceiling.
Tags: video, work

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