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In light of a new year I decided to change my hairstyle a bit. My facial hairstyle, anyway. I was sporting a late-season Will Riker look up until this weekend, but decided to shave off my moustache and go full-Amish. I look like Abraham Lincoln, really and truly. Everyone gives me Tex Avery-style double-takes when I talk to them for the first time, which is funny because I only cut off a little bit of my facial hair, not the whole thing. When I did it, I stood in front of the mirror and literally laughed for like two minutes straight, so hard I was almost crying.

I realized that I haven't seen my upper lip in like 10 years, and I also realized that I have a crooked mouth - maybe I, in the warm blanket of my moustache, have grown weak-lipped over the years and lost my mouth-symmetry. I've only gone without facial hair twice since graduating highschool, and only for like a week each time. I'll probably never go completely clean-shaven again, because I've got a fat face and because I like the look of a fuzzy me. I think maybe in a few months I might shave the middle and grow the sides out like some really old Victorian-era sailor.

I got several nice things for Xmas, but my favorite was a new electric kettle, a sort of heterozygote between my old electric kettle and a zojirushi, which means I can push a button for 175-degree water (for green tea) and it'll go right there, no more playing thermometer games (my old pediatrician really turned me off of thermometer games and how).

The Xmas season was surprisingly not unpleasant this year. I don't know what caused it to be so, but partially was paying less for gifts, although nobody did me that courtesy and I have a lot of stuff and a lot of guilt since I thought we were going light. I bagged and tagged a lot of clothing from my childhood closet for the Salvation Army, and trash for the dumpster. I offloaded a dozen or so teeshirts into my teeshirt mausoleum, which now has more bands represented than Sun Records. I may get them made into a quilt or something... I dunno.

I may be getting a 'new car' this year, as I'm pretty sure my truck is leaking oil at a significant rate. I would have to decide how to actually PAY for the new car though, which isn't something I want to think about just now. I'd rather bask in my green tea-refulgent splendor stroking my Amish beard and thinking of barns.
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