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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Oh the weather outside is frightful

I am getting fat Fat FAT recently. Mostly because of how little I cook my own food anymore, and also because I move around so little. I did get a membership at the work gym but haven't found any time to go. I know that the only times I can go are in the morning or evening but getting up early is difficult when you have a new mattress pad caressing your face like a gecko-fingerprint through new sheets. Leopard-print sheets.

I FINALLY got my Xmas shopping done, just now. Thank god for Amazon. I gladly remit my cash to your altar and genuflect accordingly to receive your SuperSaver shipping rate.

I had a friend visit and stay with me last weekend, and enjoy the wonderful comforts of my plush wall-to-wall carpeting and semi-gloss mauve latex-painted walls, since there isn't much else here for enjoyment. It's weird having visitors here in this apartment, because it causes me to go Howard Hughes crazy about cleaning the place up, and while that is a big pain in the butt, it's so nice to have the motivation to actually clean and once done, the place looks twice as good as it did before. Luckily my houseguests are never anywhere nearly as messy as I am. Also thankfully the cleaning ladies came by yesterday, and like Calgon they took me away, away from my messy life and gave me cleanliness, for a few hours at least, until I tried out a new recipe last night and bonked rice all over the place.

I'm going to try to get my netbook back into working order, and actually use it now and again, especially when I travel. I usually bring my macbook pro, which is beautiful and has a large screen, but it's so sleek and actually heavy that I can't hold it in one hand easily without it slipping out. The netbook (HP mini 1000) is too slow, and I don't know why as there's barely anything on it and it's got a fresh XP install and 2Gb RAM. I need to weed some processes out; I don't need a full XP in a netbook. I just want a small laptop that I can use Firefox with, upload from my cameras and camcorder, and update my podcasts to my iPod. And occasionally watch a movie on iTunes or on a Thumb drive/SD card on the plane. Nothing fancier than that.

Also, Snowpocalypse is heading this way tonight, and supposed to dump something like 10-20 inches of snow on us over the weekend. I need to go to work tomorrow to run an experiment and then drive 2 hours to my cousin's baby's birthday party (ughhhhhhhhh), which I suppose I'll be doing with crossed fingers.
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