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I compiled a CD of some Bad Religion songs that I can never find in the store. One wouldn't burn, but it'll do. I am not looking forward to the long drive home tomorrow. With all the raining here in Galveston (over a fucking FOOT in less than a day!) my yard got flooded and I can't wait to see the roads. I hope the ferry is working. I put some boxes away and got some more work done on my coffee table. It's not gonna be pure black like I wanted, but it'll be dark.

I kept getting phone calls all day, from the same 2 or 3 black people, all wrong numbers. They'd call me and when I'd say 'hello', they would ask indignantly, "who is this?" -- like I got _them_ to run downstairs butt-ass nekkid in front of open windows to answer the phone.. To hell with you people; nobody even calls me on that number anyway, nobody calls to see if my truck's floated away or if my apartment's leaking like a sieve (which it _is_). All the calls I get are from angry black people wondering why I'm answering Jamal's phone, or some such erudite filth.

Roach update: I saw a roach (must be living in the cardboard boxes encamped outside my door) flying back and forth from the wall to the box corner, and staring at me, calling my bluff (they FOUND OUT about the placebo roach spray I bought!!) .. If I were really a skunk I'd eat you bastards for spite..

I've been headached all day today. I'm thinking it's from sitting in this little varnish-fume sauna getting 8th grade high off the vapors. That's gonna really suck when I have to take a test and my brain's turned to mush.
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