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Abstract concepts

I wrote up another abstract yesterday morning and submitted it, on the last day, to AACR for this coming...March or April, I can't remember which. Four of us from the lab are going, although not far. It's in D.C. this year, so no need to room out. Probably we'll end up carpooling, and probably in my truck since it fits six, unless we go with our boss (which I hope we do not). This project I'm poster-izing isn't my most well-fleshed out, but it is interesting and it's in an area that everyone knows a little about, at least. I'm going to also use it as an opportunity, if I can, to go visit the Smithsonian for a few hours. Actually I may see if we can just take the train from Baltimore to D.C. as I've always wanted to do that. Hm.

I bought my tix for Xmas this year, at 500 bones. Thanksgiving was like 750 bones. I really don't think I can continue to justify flying twice in a 30-day span to the same place at a cost of over a grand every year, and on the absolute worst days to travel. Ugh. At least I flew (somehow) first class on the last leg of my trip, even though there was no food and no TV on the flight. I really wanted to pee in the first-class bathroom as well but couldn't get my nephrons in gear.

In other news, I, like apparently hundreds others, made a Furocity account during the latest FA bonk. I guess it'll just be a carbon copy of my FA account..
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