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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I bought some collar stays the other day at the mall while shopping for clothes. I wear button-up (or button-down, as you may like it) shirts at least 5 days out of the week to work, and own between 2 and 5 dozen right now. Most use collar-stays, and most come with them installed, and up until recently I always left them in and washed and dried them, leaving them deformed and useless. I never even noticed until recently, that all my collars were curling in in an unattractive manner. I found some in a box and bought them. I took the old ones out, and ironed them flat (a tricky task) for reuse. I haven't mastered the remembering to put them in part yet. So I'm still flat-collared for now.

I finally updated my iPhone to 3.1.2 software, having sat with 2-3 updates back version for awhile. I don't even know what the new one does, but I do know that it takes a looong time to completely refill a 32 gig phone. I lost a crapload of paid-for music when I transferred the iTunes library to my portable HD, but still, a lot.

I drop Freya off at the boarder Wednesday morning, and fly out to BTR at around 5pm until Sat afternoon. Since I never got around to fixing the trackpad on my netbook, looks like I'm bringing the big ol' Mac. After that, I need to do my Xmas online shopping, which means I need to bug everyone for a list yet again. I hope we can downsize the buying this time, it's getting ridiculous.
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