Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Fully vested

At AC this year, I saw those fan-based cooling vests that the Lion of the Sun guy was selling. I got to try one of them out, since nobody else was willing to sack up and put one on. I sprinted in my fursuit up and down the hallway and then moseyed around the lobby for a bit and came back, and it really did have a noticeable effect on my cooling. He wanted $250 for it, which I was actually debating paying, but decided to pass. At FurFright I really regretted not buying it since I was roasting in my own savory juices (mostly giblet-based), especially due to the lack of A/C at that con. Anyway, I found it on sale on FurBid and snatched it up for half-price. The seller goes to the Maryland furmeets, so yesterday I met the guy at the mall and got it from him there. He didn't invite me to his furmeet, but I waited until I got home to cry cry cry into several beers (which I drank with panache out of the bar glasses Cougar gave me). I like this little vest. It looks like a cross between a really cheap BC and a fighter-pilot vest. It feeds from a fan housed in a little fanny pack you wear on the outside. I dunno if I'm going to be wearing two fannypacks now, or if that puts me into some sort of uncanny douchebag/homo valley from which I'd be unable to crawl out of without putting out a country-western album. I may post a picture later on if I can manage to find the 'auto fat balance' setting on my Nikon.

I also got a new multi-picture frame from C&B (no T) in which I'm going to put some pics from a few cons, as I have a dearth of pictures around my apt. I need to get some new quality photo ink and paper for my printer to make it happen though.
Tags: furry fandom, murrland

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