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Busking 'til Dusk

The gas station at the end of my subdivision finally reopened a couple of weeks ago after several weeks of closure. It was run by a moron who only hired glue-sniffers and parolees, and not surprisingly they ran a loose ship. The place is better now, with food and such that can actually be eaten without fear. I got an ice-cream sandwich and noticed that they'd paid a guy to stand out front in a fursuit and wave a sign at people to try the all-new carwash. He was too busy to take a picture with me, and my camphone is bad at telephoto, but here he is:

Finally got groceries and made some of my experimental meatloaf again, with several tablespoons of various jerk seasoning, curries, Tony's, Masala, Cayenne, Tabasco, and such all in it. It'll be useful to see how long I can keep it inside me. I also made a double-batch of jambalaya, but once again it came out mushy. I don't understand why it's doing that, as it never happened in Texas. I think there's something wrong with the vegetables here. I let Freya lick the dutch oven 'clean'. Next time I'm going to use less chicken stock, and see how it works. It is better in terms of actually having andouille in it this time, though.

I dropped a mint yesterday as well on the upgrade up in this bitch, part what the hell ever. New mattress pad and sheets from BBB (in leopard print, just to dispel any notion that I have class). Also a new TV stand, which I've been needing for awhile since I had this WalMart job which got all banged up in the move and doesn't look right with all my dark furniture here. I really need to clean up around here, as well as go to the dentist. I'm almost certain I've got a couple of cavities, and since I've been paying so much for insurance, I may as well use it.
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