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Carte blanche (et noire)

I guess I never posted a picture of this, but several months ago I was trying to get some work-related business cards printed up in time for a conference I was presenting a poster at. I couldn't find how to get the university printing department to do it as they have two different departments, and I could only find the one that didn't know anything. I emailed the other one and come to think of it, never heard back from them. I brought some of my old grad-school ones with me just in case (lol), but never had reason to hand any out.

Anyway I tried to fab up my own version of the official University of Maryland School of Medicine cards online, but didn't have access to high-quality pictures of the logos and such, so the proofs looked like crap. They have very cheap card-printing deals around online though, so I printed up 250 of my own Furry Fandom business cards for just 6 bucks. I've only ever given one of them out though, as I don't present a lot of posters at Anthrocon. It was fun to play with the fabbing software though.

Isn't it so mod? I feel like American Psycho, or I would if the card didn't get all 6-month-old-candy-from-mom's-purse from sitting in my wallet under a fat ass for so long.

I got up at 6 today because I thought I was meeting my boss for the first time in almost a month. Boss showed up late and isn't talking to anyone. Guess I should just leave early, since I could probably get away with it...oh wait, I have a conscience.
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