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Aug. 14th, 2002

I got my new table out of the truck today (both neighbors were outside, and the guy actually asked if I needed any help moving it.) I found out that it had a bit of mold on it, and a bit of the veneer and glue had come loose. Damn. I'll have to get some wood glue and my long bar clamp from the house and fix it before I can stain it. I sanded it some, and am testing the stain and poly I bought at the hardware store on the bottom to see if the color looks good. It's good it'll be a dark stain, because I couldn't get all the mold staining off of it. Damn.

I also bought a couple mini-sized paintbrushes to paint a pewter figurine I used in our BR gaming. It's of my char, so it won't be missed. I was admiring it during the last game and realized how intricate it was and how cool it might look painted -- we shall see.

I saw more about the serial killer in the news today, this time Fox News. I'm unaccustomed to being nervous about another's safety.. I don't wear it well, it seems.

I was 'cooking' hamburger helper tonight when I notice a 2.5 inch cockroach got on the range about 6 inches from the damned pan! I grabbed my can of K-GRO roach&ant and sprayed it, but it didn't die. Then 2 minutes later I saw antennae from the vent and sprayed it again, WWone style.. then 3 minutes later I see the roach running about 3 metres away under my couch!! That K-GRO is going in the trash and I'm buying some Raid. I hate roaches, and they are verboten past the 6-inch perimeter from my food.