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I had some problems with getting a quote on some ex vivo cell line establishment service from one of the companies that does other things for our lab, including transfection products, some time back, and they sent me a survey form, which I filled out truthfully and in which I referenced our not getting the quote.

I got a phone call today from the rep which came and did the transfection products and who relayed the cell business to the other people who would've gone forward with it, saying that my response in the survey caused a big problem and how she's sorry I was so seriously dissatisfied, and that the comment will go to the VP of the company, who will himself be personally calling me to rectify the situation, and by the sound of it, end this rep's career.

I told her I didn't think it was her fault that the cell people of the company dropped the ball, and to have the VP call me and I'd tell him not to blame the rep for what was a failure of the cell guys. I'm going to go see the rep personally tomorrow at the vendor show to reassure her that I didn't mean to stab her in the back. She seemed to be motivated, although obviously with little science background. It was clear to me that the cell guys weren't interested in making a new customer.

I've had bad dealings with this company before (or at least, the original Xfection company before it was bought out by the company I'm dealing with now) in terms of strange tech failures and asshole CS managers, but how strange that one bad review on a survey can cause such a stir.. Biotech sure is a touchy business. Maybe I shouldn't ever consider going that route, no matter how annoying it is where I am.