Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor (floyd_mephit) wrote,
Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

Looks like I'm turning into a Baltimoron too

I dropped my truck off this morning to get the windshield inspected, and finish off the total inspection. They told me that I'd driven over the 1000 mile limit after the first inspection and so I'd have to pay 75 dollars again. I said fine and walked to work, which is a hell of a long walk across Baltimore. After a shitty day, I realized it was getting close to when they closed for the day, and so basically ran back across town to find that they close half an hour earlier than I thought. So I can't drive home tonight. I'm going to spend the night in the lab in the break room, and get up super-early so that I can either taxi it or walk back across to pick up the truck at 7:30, drive home, shower and feed the dog, drop her off at the boarder if possible, and drive back to work asap. I've got to wrap everything up as early as possible due to meeting my investment guy (who's visiting from Baton Rouge) at 3 and making a lab meeting at 4-6pm. And then, I will go home and try to pack to be back at work Thursday morning at 7:30-8 to prep for meeting my boss for the 2 weeks of 'work' that I managed to get done. Then I'll split my cells and drive to Cougar's and let him drive for 5 hours :)

I never once spent the entire night in my lab, even in grad school. But if I had no car then it wasn't a problem as I lived only like 15 minutes walk from work. Now it's close to 30 miles and the buses don't go all the way there this late at night (and I wouldn't want to ride them even if they did).

And also because I thought I could walk faster than a stroll in my big shit-kicking (literally as I stepped in some jerkoff's dog's crap this morning) cowboy boots across the traceur's dream that is downtown, I pulled a muscle in my front lower left leg, and now I'm a gimp.
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